Beginner Sissy Training Rules

Pantysue created a set of rules for all sissies to learn by. As we enter into the New Year, it is a time to reflect and think about all of the sissy resolutions you want to make. Every sissy and crossdresser, and anyone in between needs a good Mistress or two to help get through that wonderful feminization journey. I present to you some sissy rules to help you begin your quest!


Empress Delia 800 601 6975

Feminization Mistress Delia

1. Sissy will select a Mistress or Mistresses from the Enchantrix Empire to assist he(r) with he(r) sissy training.

2. Sissy will obey Mistress and treat Mistress and all women with the utmost of respect and courtesy at all times.

3. Sissy will choose a sissy name and use that name whenever in chat, posting on a blog or during any correspondence or conversation with Mistress or other sissies.

4. Sissy will wear panties whenever possible.

 5. Sissy will wear a second female item, bra, bracelet, pantyhose, lipstick, etc. at home least twice a week.

6. Sissy will sit to pee at all times.

7. Sissy will use only feminine deodorant, shampoo and body wash.

8. Sissy will always wrap he(r) towel above he(r) sissy titties like a woman and no longer around he(r) waist like (s)he used to.

9. Sissy will practice speaking in he(r) sissy voice at least twice a week.

10. Sissy will read at least one woman’s magazine each month.

11. Sissy will not have cummies without Mistress’s permission.

12. Sissy will post a blog of he(r) progress toward becoming a Sissy here on at least once a month.

Enjoy your feminization journey with your Mistress! Remember, we will be here to help you with your feminine and sissy resolutions!!