When you started out on this Feminine Panty Wearing adventure, who knew it would be so exciting to wear panties to work?

Where you’ve been:

In Week 1, you went shopping and picked out panties to wear. That was sexy, exciting, and made you a bit nervous, but you did succeed! In Week 2 you wore those panties correctly and covertly, underneath your male underwear. I had you pick days, increasing over a few weeks to make your panty wearing plan.

What Happens Now?

When you are ready, and after you have gotten to the point of wearing panties for five days to work, and love it, even crave it, you will lose the briefs! Yes, that last little bit of safety and security is being snatched away! I’ll bet you’re a bit nervous…but so very excited to be wearing panties at the same time!

Here’s what you will do…

Three times this week, let’s say on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – because Friday is usually a casual day anyway – you’ll grab your most passable or conservative pair of panties and wear them to work. Imagine just for a second how sexy and daring you will feel! I’ll bet you are already getting a bit hard just thinking about it! Remember, if you’re ready, feel free to wear your most feminine pair! Wear them under your pants and feel how amazing it is!

Want more?

Pick a sexy pair!

Here are some additional ideas:

* Next week, go 5 times a week, Monday through Friday

* Go from passable to not so passable. If you’ve been wearing conservative colors, try pink or yellow.

* Go from mild panty to wild panty! Get rid of those briefs and start wearing a lacy thong!

Oh Ms. Delia what is next for us?

Starting next week I’ll begin an 8 week feminine transformation series! We’ll focus on all kinds of feminine things and turn you into the perfect sissy!

Let me know how panty wearing goes for you!