We are moving on again to get you out of those briefs and into sexy panties!

This week will have you feeling sexy in a nice pair of panties you picked out, and we will do it safely! In Part 2 of this “briefs to panties” transition series to get you to wear panties we are going to do something ever so sneaky!

Get ready to slip your panties on!

In Part 1, you went out to a store and bought a pack of passable panties. That was impressive. How did it feel? I heard through some emails and comments that you truly enjoyed this part of the transition. This was a very sexy part, and also a very exciting time getting that first package of panties just for you! I do know that many of you were nervous, but felt so happy after your purchase. Courage!!

What’s next you ask?

In this part, I will have you do something both exciting and comforting! Grab the safety pair of panties you bought last week and put them on. How does it feel? It should feel soft and silky where the panties touch your skin. Finally you are doing something you once thought was out of reach. This week should be exciting. Going to work should be amazing!

You are going to put on your pair of panties, and now comes the secret! You will slip on your briefs over them. No one will know except for you when you feel that sexy material touching your sexy bits! Look in the mirror. You can’t tell! That’s why this is part two in the transition. You will wear panties every day under your briefs before you move on to just panties! So, here is what you need to do: pick 2 days this week, 3 days next week, 4 days the week after, and then get to your goal of 5 days! Plan it and do it! Wear your briefs over them, and feel sexy all day. You will be craving the next step!

What is the final step?

Once you have built up your comfort level, you will go into work with your most masculine pair of panties on…and no briefs! Maybe a pair of black briefs will be easiest for your needs. We will find what works for you, and then will get you wearing panties with comfort! Be on the lookout for the next post detailg this last step!

Happy panty wearing!