Think of this as a how to course to get you to switch from briefs to panties. You know you want to be in those hot, sexy panties, a thong, a lacy bikini panty. But you are so used to those cumbersome mens’ briefs. Maybe you even wear boxers or the fun boxer briefs. Either way they are for men, and you really need to get out of briefs and into panties.

Ready to buy panties?

When I wrote my past couple of blogs about panties and panty protection, I got several emails begging me for a way to help get even the manliest of men into, and I quote one email, “a fuckin sexy pink thong.” Now how could I let concerns like that go unanswered? I certainly could not, and have come up with a solution.

I am setting up a mini course to get those manly men into sexy panties; the panties they crave. This week we will talk about buying panties. That seems to be a major issue. Embarassment and sexual humiliation have stopped many men from going to the store. Well, that’s part of it, part of wearing the panties. Buying them is necessary.

Here are some tips to make it easier. Pick a large department store. This way you can also buy manly things to “cover” your panty purchase. Make a list of 5 things. It then looks like you are shopping for a family. The panties will fit in, but you will still know why they are there. Try not to blush.

Grab a cheap package of panties. Use these hip measurements as a guide. Just wrap a measuring tape, or better yet, go out to the tool shed and wrap a piece of rope around your hips. Then measure the results off of a tape measure.

When you have the measurement, it is time to shop! I recommend an easy brand like Fruit of the Loom:


Hip Size 
5 36 – 37 91-94
6 38 – 39 97-99
7 40 – 41 102-104
8 42 – 43 107-109
9 44 – 45 112-114
10 46 – 47 117-119
11 49 – 51.5 124-131
12 52 – 55.5 132-141
13 56 – 59.5 142-151
14 60 – 63.5 152-161

Now that you are measured, have your correct size and have your 5 item list, it is time to shop. Go when the store is busy. You will be less noticable. Grab your items. My favorite part is sending you to the cashier! Go to one who seems young and hip. Chances are she is doing far worse things in college, and may even be crossdressing her boyfriend! She will not notice.

Leave the store and smile because you have just completed the first step! Congratulations. Tune in next Tuesday for what to do next. Don’t worry, I will feminize you slowly. You’ll barely feel it. Promise!