Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser

There is something on the market that I have joked is an exerciser for a cocksucker’s mouth. In truth, it is a sensation that seems to be sweeping Japan as a facial slimmer exerciser. Here it is.

Mouth exerciser

What did your dirty mind think? Was it exactly what I thought…that this would be great for cocksucker training? I mean just LOOK at that perfect opening. And it is supposed to increase facial and jaw fatigue, so really I think there is a secret purpose to this toy, err, I mean exerciser!

How Does this Cocksucker Mouth Exerciser Work?

Delias fave dildoWell after much research online and on Amazon, I am bringing you the best information I have found.

First you are supposed to insert the exerciser into the mouth. Now you can look on Google or Amazon for awesome images.

Next, you are supposed to move your mouth, and it is recommended that you say all of the vowel sounds.

You must do this for a minimum of three minutes a day.

Ms. Delia Modifies the Exerciser

Ms. Delia

I am so proud of you sissy!

Now Ms. Delia has a couple of modifications. First, three minutes is not enough! It takes at least 6 minutes to give a blow job, so every cocksucker must work up to that. Second, saying the vowels is cute, but why not beg for cock. Say loud and proud How much you want to…NEED to…suck a big, thick cock! I am sure if you beg enough you will get many more mouth movements than vowels alone. Say sissy mantras! Read a book out loud. Heck, call me and we will talk for 10 minutes.

A Funny Amazon Review

I bought this for my wife before our honeymoon and I have to say that it more than sealed the deal on many occasions. No longer was fatigue an issue when it came to facial muscular endurance. She could read the newspaper while using it – as a matter of fact, we both read the newspaper, she got the back and I got the front.

This might be one thing to help you meet your sissy cocksucking goals!