Common Types of Hair Removal for Sissies

As part of our 2019 Sissification Plan, we will be focusing in on soft and smooth shaved skin for sissies this month. In this post, I will go over common types of hair removal for sissies. When you put on those pretty lingerie pieces you got this year, I want them to feel so good against your skin, so this blog is very important for proper sissy behavior! Hair removal is proper for every sissy!

Shaving – This is likely the simplest. You need a new razor and good shaving cream, butter, or lotion, and something for after the shave to keep you smooth. Shaving will have to be done frequently! You are cutting off the hair right at skin level, so within a couple of days, you will need to re-shave.

Depilatory Creams – You can find these in any drugstore Nair is the most common, and there are different strengths. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Always do a test spot to make sure you have no skin reaction. You would not want to lather yourself in the cream, and then get a full body rash! Get more than you think you will need. Depilitation lasts 1-2 weeks, so if you do not use it all, you will have it for next time! Think of being smooth and secretly feminine under your clothes for weeks at a time!

Waxing – You absolutely can get wax strips at beauty stores, but I would leave this to a waxing professional. They are FAST and it can be painful so you want to have someone else do this or you might just chicken out!

Laser Hair Removal – A more permanent option done at a doctor’s office. If you are serious about staying smooth, and you have been smooth for a while you can do a cost analysis to see if this option works well for you!

What Should Sissy Make Smooth

Look in the mirror. What do you notice? Generally, I love a fully smooth sissy. But, if you have hair everywhere, you may need help. I would say chest, back, and legs are the most important body parts to make smooth. We went over the face in March. I know some love a smooth sissy body but have a beard as well. You do you! Experiment with shaving and Nair. See what makes you feel the best and most feminine! Feel free to send Ms. Delia your before and after pictures!