Some men like crossdressing without passing, and some insist on passing. From time to time I enjoy looking online in crossdresser forums. It gives me great ideas when advising men who like crossdressing and guided feminization. I recently came across a great comment about whether or not to try to pass in a forum, and because I have gotten similar questions, I thought it was quite blog-worthy!

What do you think about a man dressed in women’s clothes, but still identifying as a man? I’ve been interested in dressing up in women’s clothes for a long time, but I do not feel the need to pass as a woman, and do not want to invest in wigs and makeup. Plus my body is not a typical “passable” feminine-like body I just want to look like and be a man while wearing a dress or lingerie. Is that weird? How can I pull it off?

So how would you answer this, my femfabulous readers? Ms. Delis has 3 ideas, and I hope they help anyone who can relate to this type of scenario!

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Delia will help you become Femfabulous!!

1. Keep it hidden – Bottom Layer Crossdressing

Okay this tip is simple. Maybe you need to wear a suit every day. Nothing says you can not have a great cami, panties, and thigh highs under it! If it makes you feel good to have your sexy underthings on during that board meeting, go for it!

2. Go casual. Jeans pants & other gender neutral crossdressing

So often ladies luck out with feminine “menswear” collections. I see no reason that crossdressing men can’t grab a few women’s items! For this cooler season think jeans and sweaters. A straight leg gut ladies jean and a soft cashmere black sweater is just great on anyone! And unless someone looks, they would likely not notice which gender your clothes are designed for. It’s sexy and sneaky!

3. Go for what you love on you!

What makes you feel authentic? Capris and pink tops? Skirts and tee shirts? Wedding gowns? Frilly dresses and slips? Choose what makes you feel great, then try things on. See what looks good with your particular body shape, and then wear it with pride, stepping out crossdressed!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Tell me what you enjoy wearing, and how you rock your femfabulous style!