What are we going to do about those man hands?

What are we going to do about those man hands?

A Sissy Exposed

No, not exposed like one of my naked sluts!  No I mean that, there you are sissy trying to pass.  You took the time to tuck and put on your best bra and panty set.  You made sure the seams on those stockings were straight, and that you covered up that Adams Apple.  And the make-up?  Perfection.  Just the right color to highlight your features, not make them glaringly obvious.  You even threw on a wig.  You forget about those hands, though, didn’t you?

First, It’s How They Look

They don’t look feminine and graceful.  That’s okay though, we can work on that.  You could go out to a nail salon.  It shouldn’t even be humiliating.  There are many men who like to treat themselves to a manicure.  Big, powerful men, just the kind you like, sissy slut.  If you don’t have the time for that though, you can give yourself a manicure at home.

The Home Manicure

First, you need to wash your hands and clean those nails.  Cut them down so that they are all a uniform length.  Use a cardboard emery board, and file them all down, working from the outside toward the center until they are a nice oval shape.  Get some hot, soapy water in a bowl, and soak your hand in them for 3 minutes.  This soften the nails and the cuticles.  When you’ve dried your hands, you can use an orange stick and push the cuticles back until you see that white half moon at the base of your nails.  (Don’t have an orange stick?  A pencil eraser works well too).  Now, apply some false nails and several coats of polish and you’re done.  You know what the nice side benefit is?  Seeing those soft sexy fingers wrapped around your sissy stick or a big, thick cock!