These are sexy panties!

These are sexy panties!

Embracing Femininity

I have recently spoken to a few people who have expressed an interest in being MORE than a crossdresser. They have wanted help embracing femininity on a larger scale! So I want to help with that! I do love a man who dresses and can be feminine.

Embracing Femininity During a Sexy Call

Wouldn't these look cute on you? !

Wouldn’t these look cute on you? !

Give yourself permission to ask for what you want directly. If you have been talking to a Mistress for a while and want to break out of your comfort zone, just let her know. Need more than your usual panties? Tell her your thoughts. Take your femininity to the next level! Your constructive suggestions help your Mistress generate new ideas for more and better play.

Feminization is Fun

I tell my feminization callers that it’s more than “okay” to want their fantasies, it’s actually necessary! Without letting that inner sexy woman or sissy, or glamour slut out, everything else can be simply dull with no sexy fun at all!

Embrace your Feminity!

Embrace your Femininity!

Remember, as the power of the role play or session with Mistress overcomes your self-consciousness, as you become more and more excited by the girlie fantasy we share!  Why? Well, we are exchanging ideas, power and are entering into a sexy dynamic! You can be the sexiest and feel the best in your panties or lingerie and down on your knees awaiting a command from Mistress.

Exploring Feminization

I take a lot of pleasure in showing callers who are exploring feminization just how sexy it can be and just how strong they can feel when they do it. Seriously! Embrace who you are inside, and let that woman, sissy, gurl, or slut out! You’ll discover your strength as you surrender into the feminization fantasies. We can go slowly too!  One step at a time, with each new sensation, enjoying each delicious challenge of becoming more feminized with a sensual dominant Mistress.