I Exposed a Snooping Sissy

Panties in Your Room

Well, well, well, aren’t you a little slut!  Shouldn’t I call you that?  Why not?  Do you know what I found in your room?  That’s right, I found evidence of your snooping AND stealing! I found my panties and my big, black dildo.

First I found the panties, and I thought, “Well, maybe he’s just a panty sniffer and loves my scent.”  Then I picked them up and took a look and there was a big, wet stain right on the front!  You had obviously been masturbating with them.

A Dildo Hidden Too

Then I found my dildo.  At first, I thought that maybe since it’s a vibrating dildo, you had been rubbing your cock…no, it’s not a cock anymore, is it sissy?  It’s a sissy clit – with it and spunking in my panties.

Then I realized that wouldn’t be enough for a sissy whore like you.  No, I’m pretty convinced I know what you’ve been doing with that big, black cock.

Prepare for Me Sissy Slut

Why don’t you get all sissified for me?  Put on this thong, bra and these lace topped thigh highs.  Then, I want you down on your hands and knees, ass up and face down.  I’m going to slip my big, black dildo into my harness, and then pull aside the butt floss on that thing and expose your sissy hole.  You see, I know what you’ve been doing with my dildo.  You’re going to just love it when I fuck you like the sissy slut you are!