Get Your Feet Ready For Sissy Summer

No More Man Hands

marie_blue_tooWell, I hope all you sissies followed my instructions from last week as you get ready for Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo time!  No more man hands, right?  Well, if there’s something for sure that summer and the beach bring out, it’s sandals and bare feet.  And as much as you don’t want man hands, you want those feet and toes smooth and feminine, don’t you?  I mean, you never know when you might run in to a foot fetishist!

No Hobbit Feet

There’s nothing more disgusting that hairy feet in sandals! No, you want a great pair of feet!  Even if you don’t have Bilbo Baggins feet, you probably have little tufts of hair growing out all over!  You’ve gotten rid of all the hair, but what about those gnarly toenails?  You can’t paint those the way they are.  Here’s a tip for cutting them – cut them straight across.  Don’t try to curve them like you might do with your fingernails.

Pedicure and Paint Those Toes

Again, there’s nothing wrong with having a pedi done with your mani down at the salon, lots of men do.  And again, if that’s just too much for you, check out our tips for pedicures.  Then, once those feet are soft, and that skin is smooth, it’s time to paint up those toes.  Make sure you pick a color complimentary to whatever you have on your fingers.  As with your hands, apply moisturizing cream in the morning and before you go to bed.  Now you’re ready to slip those feet into some strappy sandals or into the warm sand!