The first step to not just looking like a man in women’s clothing is walking like a woman. Learning this skill is crucial to becoming more feminine in your mannerisms, not just your dressing. When combined with an outfit dressed to impress, the feminine wiggle in your walk will be one more step toward making you look so much more girlie. Because my poll on Enchantrix Empire showed that most femme fabulous readers wanted to look more feminine overall we will focus on mannerism and subtleties that work with your clothes to help you achieve a much more feminized appearance.

Walk Like a Woman!

Video Support

While I can explain in words how a woman walks, and tell you what to focus on, I feel visuals will greatly assist with walking. I have uploaded some videos on Enchantrix Empire for you to learn from. These are videos that show, using a gridded picture the differences between a male and female walk. They are very different. I was fascinated! Immediately I noted to myself that a feminized man could be taught a new way to walk. The difference in walk and the confidence gained from practice will cause an amazing change in your overall femininity.

Describing In Words

Put simply, women walk like they are walking a straight line while men walk like they are straddling the same line, and have a much wider gait and stance. My first tip is for you to practice walking on a straight line. Tape off a line as long as you can, and practice on it fifteen minutes a day, starting in bare feet, and working up to heels. This walk will feel different simply because it is a different walk for a man. It will not feel natural at first, but with practice it will soon feel better.

What Does This Do?

Walking in a straight line accomplishes a couple of things to enhance femininity. Your new feminized walk will cause your hips to move differently, and will cause you to look much more like a female walking. We will discuss hip sway, and how to do it naturally next week, and will continue the week after with learning how to walk up and down stairs. Remember to practice this week, and feel femme fabulous!