Swing those Hips!

Taking steps toward becoming more feminine started last week with feminized walking basics. The first lesson to walking more like a woman was practicing walking a straight line and watching video examples on Enchantrix Empire. Going forward this week, we will practice more advanced skills for becoming feminized with your walking, and will focus on feminine posture and the sexy sway of feminine hips.

Video Support and Instructions

Over at Enchantrix Empire, I am building a feminine support video library to illustrate the instructions in this blog. This week you will visit the library, and look at the new videos that focus on hip sway. You will practice moving your hips in a natural, not over exaggerated way. When doing so, you will continue to use your taped line, and can incorporate a full length mirror.

Hip Movements

In this week’s videos you will see the natural sway of a woman’s hips and will emulate that through practice. If you have been practicing from last week, your straight line walk will already have you noticing your hips, and may already be feeling that sexy, feminine sway.

How To Sway

For me this is natural, but for you this may take time. When you step on your right foot, make a bit of effort to push your right hip right, and push your left hip left when you step on your left foot. A practice tip is to stand straight with a feminine posture, and feet forward. Lower your left knee and notice how your hips shift. This simulated a right footed step. Do the same with the right knee. Alternate knee bends in place while standing with relaxed posture. It may very well feel like you are dancing, so enjoy the moment and enjoy the time for some movement! Put on some music and move & shake those girlie hips to your favorite songs.

This week your task is to practice fifteen minutes a day of walking with a focus on your hips. Incorporate a natural, not exaggerated hip sway into your walk, and notice the change in how feminine you feel! Next week we are going to bring it all together and learn how to walk up and down stairs in a skirt and with heels.