Feminization Makeover

If you have ever felt in a rut with your girlie routine, you may very well need to do a feminization makeover. Looking like the girl next door can be nice, but sometimes you need to GLAM it all up!

I love being glamorous and have lots of make up that I enjoy.

Note this before and after, and I will tell you how I went from plain to glam!

DeliaLeopardPink Mash

From Plain To Glam: Hair

Feminized Hair is important. On me in the left picture it is pretty straight. See how the curls give it volume and lift. I think curls are SEXY. So absolutely curl up and volumize. If you are choosing a wig, go for nice, bouncy curls.

From Plain To Glam: Eyes

Want Feminized Eyes? My brows are generally well sculpted, but in the glam picture, I ran a brow brush lightly over them to add definition. In the plain picture, I have on just a hint of mascara. Check out how volumizing mascara and some brown/gold eye color helps my hazel blue eyes look more blue, and opens them up so much more!

From Plain to Glam: Lips

Yes, in both pictures I have on lip gloss. But on the glam picture I used a lip pencil on the outside of my lips to add a hint of plumpness to them. I colored my lips with the liner, and then added a very opaque gloss. The shine and extra volume really make the lips stand out. Now for those of you who suck cock, those really are cocksucking lips!

From Plain to Glam: Clothes

Sometimes clothes say it all! In the plain picture, I have on a well-loved leopard tee shirt. The Glam picture is a bit more special! When you go out look for something in an eye-popping PINK! Yes. Pink makes everything prettier, and I think it brightens up the face too!

What are YOUR favorite tips to get GLAMOROUS and FEMFABULOUS? Ms. Delia wants to know!