Feminization Of The Male As Power Exchange

Feminization Can Be Like CFNM

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

Recently I got a very interesting email from one of my callers, Alice.  I thought I would share it with you sissies because he made some very strong comparisons between the power exchange aspects of Feminization and crossdressing and CFNM.  He started off his email by letting me know “I am not transgender and while I do sometimes like to role play as a sissy, I do not see myself as a sissy and not all my feminization fantasies are about being a sissy.”

Alice’s Feminization Is About Power Exchange

For Alice, feminization and sissy role play isn’t about wearing pretty clothes or having to do girly things.  For Alice, feminization is all about power exchange:

To me, power exchange itself is very erotic. When the Mistress has
control over me to dictate what I wear, regardless of who is
present, it really turns me on. It especially turns me on if there
is an audience that witnesses the control she has over me. There
also is some fear with that, I have to trust her to protect me from
mean bully-like ridicule, but playful ridicule is very fun, making
the point that they are free to wear what they want but I have to
wear what Mistress wants, and what Mistress wants me to wear is very
for her and their amusement. Sometimes I start to get hard
just thinking about it.

How It Matches Up With CFNM

Think about how this matches up with CFNM.  If I tell you to get naked for me, I’m denying you the right to wear clothes.  If I tell you to slide on those pretty panties and that sexy, lace bra, I’m also controlling how you dress, and what you wear.  And for Alice, the fantasy can even go a bit further…

It can be particularly fun if there is a woman present I am
attracted to, one that I think I may have had a chance at dating,
were it not for her seeing that I have to obey my Mistress and dress
for the humiliating amusement of others. That’s hot because from the
start, it puts me in the position where if anything was to develop,
it could only develop with me clearly being the beta in the

Naked or dressed in lingerie, you will certainly be the beta!