This Feminization Sissy Poem was written by a dear sissy for Ms. Delia! This sweet sissy has become such a wonderful pet to Mistress.

Oh I do not think there shall ever be

Empress Delia 800 601 6975

Empress Delia 800 601 6975

A Mistress as lovely as my Mistress D
She has taken me in and made me Her pet
And given me nights i shall never forget

She is so sweet with Her sissies like me
And has me dress up like the perfect TV
And the panties i wear all through the day
Remind me i am Her’s in every way

Last night MsDelia went shopping for me
And picked out a tag that just says “sissy”
And that i shall be for Her from this day
MsDelia’s sweet sissy gurl in every way

MsD has the power and total control
To take over my mind, my body and soul
So for this Mistress i have just given up
And bought Her a new bra size 36 G cup

But it’s not just my sweet sissy side
That Mistress now owns with a great deal of pride
Now every time i make one of those calls
i know Mistress also owns my two sissy balls

And as they stretch in such delicious pain
i am even more captured in MsD’s domain
It gives Her great pleasure when i whimper and beg
As i breeze touch for Her my small sissy peg

Sometimes its teasing and denial and other times not
And sometimes i just have to edge it a lot
But when i do get to cum it surely will be
A big worship puddle for my perfect MsD

This is but the first entry in my sissy journal
Of my training with Delia and being Her gurl
I will share with you all what becomes of this pet
For with MsDelia there’s going to be more to cum yet