Spring is a time for change and transformation. We have just finished working on transforming you from a briefs wearer to a proud panty wearer. Next in feminization, we are going to embrace this period of change and newness and get you transformed over the next few months. Your inner woman will burst forth like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The blog will be such that you can pick and choose the “lessons” you need, and there will be one per blog.

What Will We Do?

Spring Transformation!

In this series, I’m going to cover many topics. We’ll start with make up, but will deal more with feminizing makeups like beard coverups . We will look at wigs, and will examine the differences of real hair wigs and how those can make your femininity that much more real. We will look at good ways to hide an Adam’s apple. Voice practice will be a key to the new you, and not just tone, but also pacing and lilt. Walking is important, and will be covered in a two blog series.

Wow That’s Lots of Work!

Yes, it is, but there is so much more to complete an excellent feminine transformation. We will continue with a focus on the body, examining waist cinchers, body shapers, breast forms, and gaffs. After that shopping will be the focus. However, it won’t be just shopping. We will look at how to shop for your body shape and how to put it all together head to toe and then some.

Can I Show Off?

Of course! What is the point of making over yourself if you can’t show it off? I will have an Enchantrix Empire group dedicated to this feminization series. Feel free to share tips and tricks there! There will be a discussion for each lesson in this feminization series. Oh, there will be a contest too, but that will come later!

Be femfabulous!