Feminization Transformation

Get Girly With Me!

It’s so exciting to be a feminized! There is so much you need to know in my opinion. My goal is to make you be a perfect girl from head to toe! This will require effort and shopping, but I will guide you through it!

Let’s start with your hair:

If your hair is not long or easily stylable, go out and get fitted for a wig that flatters your face shape and your coloring. If you can style your hair, wash, condition, and use the correct product to make your hair shine and Sway as you move.

Let’s move right to the feet:

When you are looked over head to toe, this is exactly where people will look next! Make sure your feet are well cared for! Have you ever pampered your feet at home? Try this:

Soak feet in foot spa using warm, scented water
Dry them with a soft towel
Rub lotion deep into on feet
Trim and file toenails
Apply nail polish use clear to be natural, red to look sexy, or any other colors you like
Find your perfect sexy shoes to show off your feet!
Now we can cover everything in the middle…How is your figure? Don’t be shy!!

To be a sissy, you need great curves! An hourglass figure is possible to achieve with work. Listen to the audio portion of this blog to get a perfect assignment to start working on that lovely and curvy figure. A wonderful bust line is so wonderful!

If your body type is not curvy, you can achieve that with body shapers, corsettes or waist cinchers. Additionally, you may be interested in breast enhancement using breast forms. These two things can make such a difference in your appearance!

How about some great heels?

Well, the shoes may be wonderful, but that won’t matter if you can’t walk in them! Need help? Just practice standing first. Once you’re able to stand easily, you can learn to walk in heels and have good balance. Now start doing regular things of the day around the house in your heels. Be natural. Walk up and down stairs, carry shopping bags filled with lovely things, turn corners, and walk around furniture, practice your catwalk poses too! Always keep your legs close together. Never run! Just focus on practice to ramp up your sex appeal.

Shaving yourself smooth is key:

Professional athletes shave all extra hair, so if you feel silly, remember that! So don’t worry your sweet, sissy self about it, just do it. Here are a few tips:

First, trim long hair so shaving will go easier
Select a good razor
Wet and lather the area
Keep skin taut when shaving
Shave in every direction for smoother skin, and because hair grows all directions
Rinse razor after each stroke
You love how smooth you are, don’t you? I know you love being smooth.

There is so much that goes into being feminized, and it all depends on the individual. Try to experiment! Wear more noticeable toenail polish once you have gotten the hang of foot care. Tweeze eyebrows thinner or spend a day at the salon. Buy a French Maid’s outfit and practice your domestic chores in heels. You may even practice speaking in a more feminine voice. Try keeping a girlie diary or journal!

And even subscribe to more women’s’ magazines for tips and tricks. Most of all enjoy being as feminine as you choose to be!

So, here is your daily check list. Feel free to print it and tape it to your mirror:

Does my hair look stylish and beautiful?
Am I clean shaven all over?
Are my feet pretty, with nice nail polish?
Do I have on a lovely pair of panties and/or other sexy undergarment?
Do I have just enough jewelry on today?
Did I remember to put on a sexy yet subtle perfume?
Enjoy being femme with Mistress Delia. It’s exciting for both of us!

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