Fetish Weekend Update

This weekend was a hot weekend! Though I missed speaking to you, I did so enjoy the activities the weekend provided. On Friday night, after The Weekly Hot Spot show, I was able to get a turn teasing a mummified slut. This was amazing. The slut was hot! He was up on a slow moving turnstile. Industrial-style plastic wrap was woven around him. Just when I thought his already stiffening cock would be covered, the wrapper began a close criss crossing leaving only the cock and balls uncovered. This would become my teasing area! After participating with other Mistresses to cover the plastic encased slut with candle wax, making pretty colors and patterns, the tease and denial began! I had such fun making this toy squirm, scream , and beg.  It was such a hot scene!

Saturday was all about transformations! I got to use makeup skills to help pretty up some sexy sluts on their way to fem transformations! Some even chose (or were put on display by their Mistresses) to participate in a sexy fashion show. Items had been donated by Mistresses. There were 3 categories: casual wear, bathing suits, and evening wear. Though I was not on the judging panel, the sexy sub I liked best won! I was thrilled. We had a chance to chat later about the transformation. I let on that she had been my favorite as she had been wearing my donated old (only once before worn) prom gown! I felt she did it great justice. She gushed about winning and getting her crown. It was perfect!

My Sunday consisted of looking at a few things before I left: flogging, CBT with all kinds of implements, and nipple play. All of these demonstrations gave me many ideas for new things I want to try! I am so thrilled to have been invited by my Mistress friends to attend this private fetish function!  My weekend away was so very amazing and hot, that I am sure I will have many daydreamy fantasies about it for a long time!

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