Sissy Space

How Do You Find Your Sissy Space?

Sissy Space

I’ve talked about subspace, and I’ve talked about Dommespace, but what about sissy space? It could be part of subspace, but it’s different, because it doesn’t even require you to be submissive. Sissy space is when you get to that special place inside yourself where you feel safe, warm, all gushy inside – and oh, so feminine! When my sissies get to that place, they are in the mood to play and be feminized.

How Do You Get To Your Sissy Space?

Every sissy is different, so I want to know what gets you into that sissy space? I know for some of you, it’s as easy as opening that sissy drawer or closet, and pulling out a pair of panties. Some of you need to actually slide those panties, that bra, those thigh high’s on, to feel that lace, or that smooth silk against your skin. For others, it’s when they sit back at their dressing table, after applying all that make-up, and see their feminine face staring back at them in the mirror that ”flips the switch”!

It’s Great To Be In Your Sissy Space

Well, isn’t it? To get all slutted up, and then pick up that phone and call your Feminization Mistress. You know she understands you, how safe and secure you feel dressed as a sexy woman. You can tell her all your fantasies and desires – how you want to go out dancing and flirt. Or maybe, how you want to take it farther than just flirting – and get a big, hard, throbbing cock in between those pretty painted lips! I understand just how powerful the allure of your sissy space is….