You Want Holiday Cocksucking Lips

Focus on those Holiday Lips

Focus on those Holiday Lips

I know sissy, I know you want perfectly painted cocksucking lips.  And now that the Holiday Season is here, you’re thinking about how you can change things up, get festive for the season, aren’t you?  You usually go for that slutty red or that sissy pink, but you want to do something different for the holiday party.  Maybe it’s a party with all your fetish friends…or maybe it’s the office party!  The one your Femdom boss has already told you you are dressing up for this year!  Well, when going out and painting those lips, it’s not just about red and green lipstick.

How About Some Different Cocksucking Lips?

Going out on the town to celebrate the holidays?  How about trying a metallic hued lipstick, something in gold, silver or even a bronze.  Silver and gold certainly work for Christmas, and you’ll be leaving a different colored mark on the cocks of your choice – or your Mistress’ choice!  How about celebrating winter with some frosted lipstick.  There’s some nice frosted cocoa shades that are perfect for sucking a big black cock without leaving any …shall we say…tell-tale evidence.

Do You Want to Leave Your Cocksucking Mark?

How about a warm red – it’s different from slutty red, a bit more understated, but it will definitely make those lips full and help you achieve that sexy pout that those hot men just can’t resist.  Now everyone expects those red lipstick smears, but you can always get really freaky, slip into that sexy elf costume, then put on some holly green lipstick.  All those cocks you blew can go back to their wives and tell them they got attacked by one of Santa’s slutty sissies!