Sissies Start in Panties

Pick a sexy pair of panties!!!

Pick a sexy pair of panties!!!

Every sissy has to start somewhere.  It’s not often that a man decides to become sissy by throwing on an evening gown!  And where do most sissies start their feminine journey?  Why with panties, of course.  It starts with panties, and then, before you know it, you’re in bras and stockings and then that evening gown.  But, Ms. Delia wants to know, how did you first end up in panties?

Was it your choice?

Did you just decide to start wearing panties all on your own, sissy?  Did you wonder one day what a pair of boyshorts felt like, so you slid them up your legs and over your throbbing sissy clit, and realized how happy, how safe, how comfortable they made you feel?  It was only going to be that one time, wasn’t it?  But then, well, they just felt so nice, that you had to wear them again.  And now you’re wearing them all the time, aren’t you?

Or were you coerced?

This is what has happened to Jack.  He’s not a sissy, per se, but I’ve decided that, for the time being, he’s going to be wearing panties to bed at night.  Usually, I have him sleep naked – better to have instant access to that wonderful cock, but as the nights got colder, I let him have some panties to wear, to keep everything warm.  There’s something that gets me so hot about seeing his cock – and make no mistake, he’s got a cock, and NOT a sissy clit – inside of those silky thongs and French cut panties.  If he expects to cum – and not be locked in chastity – he’ll happily slip those panties on every night, because it makes his Mistress happy.