Most sissy cumsluts do very well with all tasks, and only have sissygasms. I got an email that admitted a mistake and asked for punishment. To add some extra humiliation, I am putting Brandy, the cumslut’s request here. Please leave your punishment ideas in comments, and maybe I will choose yours!

Sissy SpaceBrandy wrote:

Mistress Delia,

I am sorry to tell you that I came, but since it was unauthorized, i ruined it and collected the cum that dribbled out and smeared it on my face{YUCKKK} 
Please assign an assignment for me to go to the 15th. anything you want, example edge 100 times by 15th,{i actually love unwinnable challenges and like to see if i actually can do it}
While i really don’t want to suck a cock at all, I am willing to try for you with pictures for proof if you want them.{i admit i would rather if i have to at all suck a cock of another sub/slave of yours, but not against another mistresses slaves either{im thinking safety here}.
I promise to give you daily reports of progress or messups etc.  Oh I think you like edges, balls slaps, squeezed balls, spankings, panties wearings etc. eek! I will even pull my ponytail at an edges end if you want me to!
i only ask that consequences whether immediate or waiting for your judgement are clearly stated.
I also would request you blog about me with my slave name of Brandy the cum slut.
So what do you all think? What punishment fits the crime of this cumslut?