Humiliating a sissy

As you all know, one of the things I like about BDSM relationships is making the sub feel vulnerable. While may times, making them strip naked and completely expose themselves will serve that function, other times it’s much more fun to slip a nice pair of lace panties and a matching bra onto them. Perhaps with a garter belt, that I can attach a pair of fishnet stockings to.

Humiliating a Sissy

Humiliating a Sissy

They start to blush and stammer, as they tell me how nice and silky their new clothes feel. I can humiliate them even more when I begin to make fun of their clit. Well, it’s obviously too small to be a proper cock.

Ms. Delia, is that a strap-on, or are you just glad to see me?

One aspect of gender play that doesn’t get much attention is when the Dominant partner switches roles. There are many stories with cross-dressing “mistresses”, but how would you react if Ms. Delia dressed up in white tank top, a leather jacket, a pair of jeans and some black Doc Martens (Okay, my DD’s might be a bit hard to hide!), and pushed you to your knees in front of me.

Yes, that’s it, slut, rub your face against that big bulge in my pants. Now, unzip my jeans and free my big hard cock. Now, be a good little cocksucking bitch for me. If you’re really good, I might just find another place to use that big dick of mine!

Be a Humiliated Sissy

Once I have you dressed up as a naughty little sissy, maybe I’ll take you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve. I can always reach inside that bra and pinch your nipples!

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be a HUMILIATED SISSY for me?