If You’re A Man Wearing Panties, You Should Be Doing This

Isn’t that a great headline?  You see that come up on Tumblr (@phonesexmistressdelia) or Twitter or in your email, you just have to click on it, don’t you?

It’s A Tease…



What does Ms. Delia think I should be doing, since I wear panties?  Until she started me wearing panties, I had never done that before, and now I’m wearing them all the time because it’s so naughty and so exciting!  I’ll bet whatever else she wants me to do will be just as exciting!

You Should Be Eating Your Cum

That’s right panty boi!  If you’re wearing panties for me, then you need to start swallowing your spunk for me.  You know how sexy and girlie those panties make you feel, but I’ll bet there something else you’re thinking at the back of your mind, isn’t there?  Something my panty bitch is craving?  What could it be? Could it be…cum?  Oh, I’ll bet it is!

You Should Feel Sexier & Sluttier

You rub that sissy clit in those soft silky panties, and a wet spot starts to form – and you are just wondering what it will taste like.  You know that if you get just on drop of it on your fingers, bring it up to your mouth and lick…well, you’ll just be one more step closer to being a slutty gurl, won’t you?  Slutty sissies swallow, and you know when those panties slide up your legs, you just start to feel sexier and sluttier all the time, don’t you?