Hi, everyone! Hope this finds you all well and your summer off to a great start. One of my favorite things about the start of summer (aside from the weather breaking of course) is all the sales. At the beginning of summer, everything is on sale. Hell, the sales have sales lol.  This is the best time for all of my fem fabulous friends to stock up or better yet ~ try something new.

Summer panties ~ Even though I don’t need to buy them, I’ll admit, the panty sales are impossible to pass up. Most of you know, I don’t wear panties I did get a couple of pairs of boy shorts to sleep in ~ they match my new bralettes. I know most of the panty wearers love lace & silky fabrics but I have to tell you, cotton is the way to go in summer. Not to mention, cotton comes in so many patterns and colors. With sale ~ you can easily get one of each!!

And while you are taking advantage of the sales, you better do like I did and get a bra or bralette, just in case you get caught in those new panties ~ you want to match!!

Thank you to Ms Delia for allowing me to share my excitement of summer sales with all her special friends!


Ms Kay Marie