What kind of sissy are you?

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No matter the type, you are MY sissy!

Ms. Christine has done such a wonderful job making a list of all these different kinds of sissies, but I just want to know which way you swing.  Are you a lesbian sissy, or a gay sissy?  As a sissy, do you like to hang out with the other ladies, or the guys?  There’s no wrong answer here, but if you know what kind of sissy you are, we can develop a great fantasy phone sex call.

The Lesbian Sissy

The lesbian sissy wants to hang around with the other ladies.  You want to serve your Mistress, and make her happy, all while you’re dressed like a pretty gurl.  You don’t necessarily want to become a gurl, but you certainly do like dressing up as one and strutting around.  You enjoy playing with your sissy clit, and hope I’ll allow you to have a squirting orgasm!

The Gay Sissy

This is the type of sissy I wrote my 12-Step Sissy Program for.  The gay sissy wants to be a gurl, through and through.  You like hanging out with the ladies for the same reason every girl has girlfriends, but what you really want is a boyfriend…preferable one with a big, thick, throbbing cock.  One who can make your jaw sore, and fill your sissy pussy. It’s all about the cock for you, sissy!  And that’s someone else’s cock – because you don’t have one.  You have a sissy clit, one you wish would actually shrink down to the size of a real clit, so you could feel even more like a gurl.