Luscious Lips Practice

I have been enjoying giving you makeup tips, and believe by now that you should be able to create for yourself a sexy pair of shiny luscious lips.

Put those Sexy Lips to Work!

Now comes the question of what to do with that perfectly sexy, pouty smile. Well I say, put that lipstick where it really belongs, on a cock!

Oh, this should be no surprise to you now. I have been getting you ready for what you need; the next part of your journey! Over the next few weeks, I am going to make you into the best cocksucker ever. You are going to need a dildo with a suction cup base, and a tube of sexy, “fuck me” red lipstick.

Here’s what you will do. Make sure both lips are fully covered with that slutty hue. Get them just right and blot your lips by pressing a tissue against them. Now, we will have some fun. After blotting, reapply a thin coat of lipstick. This will make the color just thick enough to transfer to the dildo!

Now you should get on your knees in front of that dildo. Perhaps if you are a creative one, you can make your own personal glory hole, and can kneel in front of that beautiful cock. Now begin cocksucking like the slutty, horny girl you know you want to be. First, kiss the tip sensually and look at that feminine, red lipmark you just left. You are such a slut! Now we’ll get serious. Suck that cock for all you’re worth. Moan, groan, and know that you are practicing for the real thing. You will suck sensually and sensuously for 15 minutes. Practice makes perfect for a cocksucker!

No, you are not allowed to cum. You must fantasize about what this will be like for real. When you get good enough, you get the grand prize, you know! After 15 minutes of cocksucking, you will get to eat your very first load of yummy cum. Now isn’t that what you’ve always wanted to do with those pretty lips? Have fun practicing!