Little Rich The Cuckold Bitch

Sometimes cuckold fantasies are better left as fantasies! Many of my sissies like to tell me all the time about their fantasies of becoming a sissy cuckold – and how badly they really want their hot wives to turn their fantasies into reality.  You know what though?   Sometimes fantasies are best as fantasies. One of my favorite sissy fags, Little Rich, recently had a bit of a  reality awakening.

cuckoldingIt All Started With A Strap-on

Little Rich begged his wife to take him with a strap-on, to make him her Bend Over Boyfriend.  She did, too. And over time she started pegging him with bigger and bigger strap-ons, turning him into her perfect butt slut!  After this went on for a while, she told Rich that he wouldn’t be fucking her anymore, that she would be doing all the fucking, and started dressing him in panties. Then she decided to take this to the next level.  You see, Little Rich had been telling his hot wife not only about his strap-on fantasies, but his cuckolding fantasies as well.  And that’s when fantasy met reality.

The Reality Of Being A Sissy Cuckold

Little Rich’s wife had one of her Bull’s come over.  She had Little Rich dressed in a sexy pair of purple leopard panties with black lace.  While her stud watched and made fun of him – there’s a reason why he’s called “Little” Rich! – she took him with the strap-on.  Aft a while, she was so hot and turned on – and that Bull’s cock was so hard and looked so delicious! – that she had her new lover fuck her – right over Lil Rich’s face!  And that’s when Lil Rich came face to face with the reality of being a sissy cuckold bitch.  As the Bull was fucking his wife, Rich got a close up view of that cock.  Even worse – or maybe it was better, he seemed quite excited when he was telling me about it! –  as Rich was eating her pussy, his lips and tongue would “accidentally” hit the guys cock. Sure, sissy bitch cuckold, it “accidentally” rubbed against his cock…