Let's Shop for Makeup Again!

Concealer can do so much for the appearance of skin, but it can also be a tricky product to buy. It may promise to make under eye circles vanish, cover blemishes, and may promise to work with your skin tone. But what can you really expect your concealer to do?

My assignment for you today goes along with my first post. I have a series of five makeup tips I feel are very useful to have. Today, your job is to take Mistress Delia’s advice and go get a concealer that will work well for your skin. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Do I just want an all over glow?
• Do I look like I need sleep or have dark circles under my eyes?
• Do I have cheeks that are too rosy or rosacea-like?
• Do I have a scar I am looking to hide?

Each of these questions leads me to a different concealer. If you are doing a sexy fem transformation, and just want to get some basic coverage, then a sheer concealer or even tinted moisturizer would go perfectly on your skin.

If your pretty eyes are saying more than they should, make them more demure by looking for a yellow toned concealer. These are usually sold right next to foundation, so it is easy to match that. Remember to go 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. Most stick type concealers come in light, medium or dark. It is best to stick with light unless you are darker skinned.

If your face is ruddy, you need a green tinted concealer. Remember that with a naturally blushed skin, you want to stay away from pinkish tinted products as they will make your skin look worse! Now, I love a good, deep blush on an embarrassed sissy, but you should not look that way all the time.

To get rid of any facial scars follow these steps. If your scar is indented, follow the regular tips, and use a lighter stick foundation. For raised scars, use a concealer a bit darker than your foundation. It minimizes the raised appearance!

The nice thing to know about looking feminine and fabulous with a new concealer is that if you do your research and find the perfect one, it may be all you need to have a pretty, flawless and glowing face all the time!

Things to do:
• Identify your skin problem.
Things to buy:
• One or two types of concealer.

Now, many makeup counters will often give free samples of concealer. Go to a mall, and see what you can pick up. I’ll bet you walk away with many free samples to exclusive lines! Isn’t becoming femine the very best thing?

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