Show Me Those Pretty Eyes!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What are your eyes saying about you? Do they look unnatural and give you away, or do they look natural and pretty, the way they should? Let’s talk about how you can make your eyes look just as you want them with liners, shadows, mascaras and Ms. Delia’s simple tips.

Let’s start with eyeliner. I have a favorite kind of eyeliner that looks like a regular pencil, but that you twist up. It requires no sharpening! These crayon pencils come in a variety of colors. When looking, choose a color that makes your eyes pop. I like to do a dark brown for everyday wear, but when I go out I do brush on an amazing shimmery purple with a special brush.  This is advanced, but you can work to that. For now, do the minimum. Make sure you line the bottom and top lids. Do small strokes, and go for a natural look. Go heavier as you practice more. Enjoy!

Eye shadows are wonderful! They come in handy sets that allow you to create perfectly blended shades. Something popular now is metallic shadow. It shimmers and draws amazing attention to your eyes because light is attracted to the metal flecks in the shadow. These shades brighten and sex up your eyes for sure!

Mascara is evolving now. But let’s just talk about its purpose. Mascara is to be used to highlight your lashes, and to make them look longer, thicker and fuller. With so many types that now claim to grow your lashes in 8 weeks or even to grow you more lashes, it can be tempting to go for the most expensive one that offers the most promises! But seriously, sissy, get a good brand that does not break the bank. All mascaras do the same thing. You can even have fun with color. Enjoy having fun with your lashes!

Look in a magazine, and check out the eyes! Find out a look that you like and take this to your drugstore or makeup counter. Get the items and some suggestions to make your eyes look as you want them to look.

Finally, get a nice eye makeup remover designed for the eyes. This will be so helpful to gently remove your new makeup.  Makeup remover is a necessity, and so much better than a regular bar of soap.

Enjoy your new products, practice often, and enjoy creating sexy new looks for those pretty eyes!

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