Makeup Tip One: Foundation:

Perfect Foundation Leads to a Perfect Face!

When beginning any feminine transformation, it is best to begin with a foundation.  This is true for houses as well as faces! Choosing the right foundation for your face is the first step to a lovely and feminine makeup session. Matching foundation to your skin type is the best way, and many cosmetic lines have palettes against which you can match your skin.  Some companies even sell two or more shades in one package so that you can blend for the best results.  After you have purchased your first foundation, it is important to practice application.  I recommend using a makeup sponge, and using the “less is more” theory. Too much foundation can look like a mask, and we want a natural look when you begin your sissy makeup transformation. To get some excellent  results:  each time you use foundation use these handy tips:

  • If you are looking to match your foundation, match it to your jaw line. Check to see that it matches the color of your neck. Look at women’s jaws and their necks and you’ll certainly see both good and bad foundation matching.  You will be inspired!  
  • Use different lighting to match your foundation. Try samples and test in the store, outside and at home. Makeup mirrors often come with 3 or 4 different light settings.  Use them!
  • Use a cosmetic sponge for a smoother application. The cosmetic sponge is so much better than using your fingers!
  • Blend a cream foundation with a cosmetic sponge using circular and sweeping movements to follow the natural lines of your face.
  • Remember to blend your foundation in places you may forget: up into your hairline, on your ears, and under your jaw, blending smoothly into the neck for a smooth finish.
  • When using a crème to powder foundation, apply the same way. As it dries, you will see a sheer, matte finish. This type of foundation eliminates the need for a compact or pressed powder.

These tips should help you find a flawless look. Now, backing up just a bit. At this point, you should have purchased a moisturizing make up remover and a moisturizer.

Things to purchase for this assignment:

  • A pretty makeup bag
  • Moisturizer that is oil free
  • A moisturizing makeup remover
  • Foundation (my favorite is a crème to powder foundation)

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