Makeup Tip Three Cheeks and Lips

Get Kissably Soft Lips!

Using blush adds healthy color and definition to the face. Perhaps exercise a bit, and match the color to your face. The right color will make you look energized when it is held near your eyes, skin and hair. Another way to get a perfect blush for yourself is to match the natural color of your lips. Find testers or samples, and dab some close to your lips. When you find the right color, you will see how it just works with your skin. Finally, you can match a blush to your favorite lipstick. One note, do be careful when matching reds. Even the right shade match will look different on cheeks and lips.

Let’s talk lips now. I am a big fan of lip liners. One trick is to line your lips, and then fill in your lips, covering over them completely. Cover this with a gloss or sheer lipstick. For a lighter skin tone, stick with pink or peach tones. For darker skin colors, you can get into deeper shades and those hot reds!

Something that is very important to anyone is exfoliating the lips. This can be done with a store bought treatment or just a simple sugar scrub made at home. I recommend using these weekly. After using one, you will need to use a nicely enriched lip balm. They smell good, hydrate, slightly plump and have great staying power. The vitamins will keep those lips kissably soft.

I think by now if you are following the makeup tips, you are already feeling more and more feminine.

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