You will be measuring for lingerie as part of my 2019 Feminization plan. In February, you will measure and then you will head out to shop for lingerie for your femfabulous self!

Measuring for Lingerie

You will need a tall mirror. I think the best is a stand up full-length mirror to show your whole body. You will also need a soft measuring tape. The best time to measure is first thing in the morning before any breakfast.

Measuring your Chest

You will do 2 measurements, one at the fullest part of your breast tissue, and one below the bust on the chest.
First, stand up straight and place the tape measure around your chest at the fullest part of the bust, usually right around the nipple.  Next, place the tape measure underneath where you took your first measurement. Measure the distance around. Your cup size will be the difference. For example, if the first measurement is 38 inches, and under is 36 inches, your band would be 36 inches for a bra, and a 2-inch difference generally is a B cup.

Measuring your Waist

Looking in the mirror, stand up straight, and wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually at belly button level. Write down the measurement. This one will help you buy panties and other items.

Measuring your Hips

Looking in the mirror, stand up straight and wrap the measuring tape around your hips at the widest part usually the buttocks right in the center. Yes, your booty will help this size.

Once you have your measurements written down, you can start pre-shopping online, to see items you like. Figure out the sizes you will need. They will differ from store to store. Sometimes they will differ by brand. So write your measurements and pre-shop. In the next blog, I will inspire you to go out to the stores and shop for yourself now that you know your measurements and sizes.