I Love Big Juicy Secrets!

I Have a Secret!

Guess what? Every once in a while you get to read a juicy secret about me in my blogs! This one is so fabulous that I am posting it on all my blogs for all to read! I am so excited! I am going away to a Fetish Bootcamp early Friday morning! I will be in California. I am so super excited. I will actually be there starting this Friday and will be there for 10 days. Oh, I am amazed at the thought of all of the fun things I will be able to do! Now, if you are thinking of The Weekly Hot Spot, no worries at all! The sexy, sweet, and stunning Ms. Holly whose sexual escapades are hotly esplained in her latest blog post will be at the show’s controls! I will of course be logged in as “Delia Away” so I will be there for sure, but having my own kind of fetish escapade!

The best part is I am bringing the houseboy along. Now here is the super secret part. If all goes as planned…ohhh this is almost too exciting to tell! Okay, if all goes as planned, I have a wonderful Mistress friend all set to do a collaring ceremony! Yes! It has come that far, and I have even had those excited butterflies in my sexy stomach!

The most fun part is I am doing this all behind the scenes! The houseboy has no idea. In fact, he thinks he is just going as my escort and play toy as he has done at other events. Want to see what I got for the ceremony?

Look here: Slave Collar it is the perfect collar for the houseboy as he has a very vanilla job. It is nice, thin, discreet, and I have a perfect lock, which is a custom made piece by a friend of ours. It does not look at all like a lock, and it is wonderful!

I bought him an outfit for the ceremony: First, I went for practical since he will be down on his knees a lot! I got these: Premium Leather Knee Pads Then I put together his outfit. For a top, I thought a harness would be perfect because I am sure it will be attached to things over the course of ten days! See it here: PVC Chest Harness It is wonderful, better than the picture! Now to address the bottoms, I went with a favorite of mine for a sub. Latex Chaps With Red Stripe ! I got the red stripes to match some other fet wear you will see soon enough! The Matching Red Striped Jockstrap finishes off the chaps! Now, I am a woman, and women LOVE to accessorize, especially for that special occasion!! So, to finish the look, and to get his look all complete, I got Armbands to compliment the cuffs he will be wearing. *Ahhh so wonderful.*

Want to see my outfit?

I’ll bet you do!

I went with a sexy floor length gown! My Mistress Floor Length Latex Gown Now this is super sexy and custom made! I got it in transparent black. I look stunning. I will be accessorizing with my own fetish jewelry, and will have both my finger and toe nails painted a sexy red to match his stripes!

I can assure you he will have different types of red stripes by the end of our time there! Lol!

When I return, I will be a satisfied Mistress with a freshly collared slave! I will be back on the 23rd, and will blog all about how it goes! Be on the lookout for all of the juicy details about all of the activities we will have engaged in! I promise to have something titillating for every blog!!

Until then, remember how excited Mistress Delia is going to be about engaging on hardcore Femdom activities, and then surprising the houseboy with the collaring ceremony!!

This one is a big one for me! Feel free to miss me, wish me a wonderful fetish vacation, and shower me with Collaring gifts!

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