Ms. Delia’s Feminization Closet

Would you like to travel with me into my wonderful feminization closet? I think of my closet as many Mistresses do as having a bit of magic to it. See, when we head inside my closet, that is where all the sexy fun happens. Why yes, you may indeed go in looking like a man, but you will emerge from my closet positively feminized!  After all, it is no secret that you have a secret desire to look more like a woman. So let’s not waste anymore time. Shall we walk in?

Ms. Delia's Closet

Walk Into Ms. Delia’s Closet

Crossdressing in My Closet

So you want to crossdress, do you? That is perfectly acceptable in Ms. Delia’s closet. Take a look around. That’s right! Look at the hanging dresses, the lingerie, the shoes and accessories. Yes, just take it all in.

Maybe we should start from the inside out. That’s right. Just take off those male clothes and slip these sexy satin panties on. They feel so cool and soft on your skin. We can accent them with the matching bra or a sexy camisole top. Of course you will need hose, and I have a drawer full! Garter belts too. Let your imagination run wild! Whatever you want, it is here in my closet. If you need to know what the lingerie is, look at this handy lingerie guide! It’s all here!

Finishing your Outfit in the Closet

Now that you have your foundation garments on, it is time to decide on your look. Are you a classy and sensual closet crossdresser who likes the look of a professional skirt and blouse? Perhaps you like to look more like a sissy slut. Yes, you will find some amazing short and skimpy club dresses in here to make you feel slutty. Or perhaps you like a more costumed look like a cheerleader or french maid. You will find that here too. Fetish clothes? Ohhh you do not even have to ask!

More than anything, I want you to feel FemFabulous when you walk out of my closet, fully dressed and sexed up!