My Fantasy Sissy Maid

I have an ideal picture in my mind when I play with feminization and sissy maids! When I dress Jack, my sometimes feminized subby hubby, up to do household chores for me, often it is in this way. It is erotic, and humiliating for the one who is dressed. But that sexual humiliation is what makes it hot!

By UKPsychotherapist

Sissy Maid By UKPsychotherapist

The Fantasy Sissy Maid Outfit

There is a certain look I expect with a Sissy Maid. Black is the preferred color for me for the outfit, but the aprons and trimming must be white. Pink can also be a wonderful accent, but I prefer a lighter pink. I think this looks classic.

Accessories are Key as well. I personally LOVE opera length gloves. Here, black, white, or pink work well, but should coordinate with the outfit. Leg coverings are also necessary. I prefer stockings, black, that are more opaque than sheer. I even think latex stockings are very sexy! And finally shoes. Shoes should be black and shiny. Pumps and Mary Jane shoes can be used based on the mood of Mistress. They both lend a certain feel to the outfit.

Sissy Maid Appearance

The appearance of a sissy maid is so important! In Ms. Delia’s home, makeup is expected to be done tastefully except for the lips. Those can be bolder! And a sissy maid MUST have pretty hair, a lovely wig is preferred.

When you get all of these pieces together, you can be the perfect picture of a sissy maid! I would love to hear your favorite bits of a sissy maid outfit!

Always be FemFabulous for Ms. Delia!