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I Hope You Got A Kiss With That Fucking!

A Bonus Post!

That’s right my sissies, it’s a bonus post.  You see, one of my sissies called me the other day and told me all about losing her anal cherry!  And she wanted me to share it with all of you… Of course, MY comments are in purple 😉

Some Glory Hole Fun

About a month ago I started doing some cum eating training with Ms. Delia.

Yesterday I was feeling particularly horny and I had been told by Mistress Christine I was not allowed to jerk off unless there was a cock in my mouth. Since upsetting my Mistresses is not an option  I decided to go to my local adult book store.

Once there I looked at some of the toys and then decided to go back to the “arcade” (oh, call it what it is, slut – a Glory Hole!). Once in my booth I started to jerk off until I felt something hit my arm (Wait a second, why were you jerking off?  You were told not to jerk off unless you had a cock in your mouth!).  When I looked down I noticed a cock coming through a hole in the wall (Yep, that would be why those holes are there!).  I then dropped to my knees and began to suck him, and after about a minute of me sucking him he pulled his cock from the hole and left. (And you took your hand off your cock, like an obedient bitch, didn’t you?)

Losing My Anal Cherry

I felt relieved because I did what you said (Well, no, you didn’t.  How hard is this to understand?  You MAY NOT jerk off unless you have a cock in your mouth?  Was there a cock in your mouth?  No, there wasn’t, was there?) and I didn’t have to suck him for that long (Too bad.  I’ll bet you really wanted a nice warm, creamy load, didn’t you?)

However,  the relief was short lived because he didn’t leave the Glory Hole, instead he came into my booth where he presented me with his cock again and said “You didn’t think you were done did you?”   So I kept sucking him for a couple more minutes. Then he looked down at me and said “Have you been fucked in the ass before?”  I said no. And he told me we would have to change that. (Ohhh, I love a MAN who takes charge!)

I said I didn’t know about that but he stood me up and pulled off my pants.  And I knew what I wanted didn’t  matter. I exist only to make my Mistresses and cocks happy (And you know just how happy I would be to see you get fucked!  And admit it, you know you wanted it to happen, didn’t you?).

He then bent me over and fucked me for like five minutes.  When he first shoved his cock in my virgin ass my head actually went through the Glory Hole where he came from.  But his cock actually felt good in my ass after he popped the head in and started to stroke in my ass. I actually found myself enjoying it. (Of course you did, my sissy bitch!)

Ride ‘Em Cow…Sissy!

After five minutes he sat down and told me to get on. I did what I was told and sitting on it was a struggle but once it was in I found myself bouncing and riding it like some kind of experienced street whore (Or like a Cowgirl!  Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll make a whore out of you yet!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

While I was riding him he started to jerk me off (How considerate of him!) and I came all over the place – his hands, my hands, the back of my jeans that where around my ankles

After I came I then realized he still had not cum and his hard cock was still in my formally virgin ass. After cumming the shame and guilt of what I was doing started to set in and having that guilt set in while still having a strangers cock in my ass was humiliating. (You should never feel ashamed or guilty for being the sissy bitch you are.  Humiliated – oh yes! – but never ashamed.)

I never even asked his name,  I felt like such a whore.

Well, my sissy bitch, that’s because you are a whore.  You took a strangers dick deep into your ass for the first time – and you came with a cock deep inside of you.  The only way you could be more of a whore would have been if you’d been sucking another prick at the same time!  I am so proud of my sissy bitch whore!