Personalized Feminization With Me!

My sissies, crossdressers, transgendered, and fem fabulous readers really did rise to the sissy challenge I presented!! (And they got the free audio for doing so!) With that said, the sissy challenge is closed, but I always welcome your blog comments. Keep reading. You never know what type of challenge I will do next!

As you know, My blog is to help you become the beautiful, sexy, and fabulous femme girl or woman you have always wanted to be!

I want you to know my blog, though about sissies and all things feminine, it’s not about saying every one of my fabulous readers does everything the same way. None of you express yourselves in the same way. Some of you don’t even want to be girly! You’d rather do just a few subtle things just for you.

 That’s what makes great! Your individuality is always kept in mind.

You may want to be totally femmed up, or wear that secret pair of panties every so often, or just love getting your nails done, or taking your femininity to the edge because the humiliation and excitement of getting caught makes you feel so sexy! Maybe you even love to dress a special way for me and have me time you!

The most important thing I hope to touch upon in this blog is the femininity inside you. Since most of you have been brought up as a boy and have been taught to stifle that wonderful feminine side of yourself, you will need to remove some of those male habits that you don’t like or that do keep you from meeting your goals from your mind. Replace them with the thoughts you want!

Make a feminization or sissy plan with me so you can plan to schedule some time just getting in touch with your feminine side daily or weekly.

Are you one of my readers who adores being a girl so much that you want to be one 24/7? There are many paths you can follow to make those dreams come true, and I am happy to help you!

So, no matter what level of feminization you love, I am here to explore it with you. Do your panties feel wet just thinking of how sexy you can be for me? Do you get hard whether you think of it as a cock or a clitty just knowing that I will help you reach your goals?

Well, here is what you are going to do for me tonight. I want you to do what makes you feel sexy and feminine. Put on your panties, gently pull up those hose, get your best lingerie, do those nails, spritz perfume, wear that wig, do your makeup, and get ready to begin.

I want you to masturbate for me, but in your own special way. Tease that clit, work that cock over, or do whatever gets you feeling hot and sexy. Oh and if you are allowed a release. Make sure you use a tissue. We would not want to get your pretty things all messy, now would we?

When you are ready to develop that sexy and feminine plan, give me a call. Remember how much Ms. Delia adores her fem fabulous readers!