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Hello girls, and men in panties!

This will be a very quick post. Due to amazing emails, info from www.enchantrixempire.com, and many IM’s, I will be starting some lessons.

These lessons will focus on ways to improve your transformation. Feedback will be wonderful here!

We will start with getting that feminine feeling through bathing. I will do a series on all the things you can do in the bath that will help you start any day off or end any day feeling sweet, lovely, and embracing your feminine side! This will not be very over the top, but certainly can be adjusted to go as far as you need. In fact, I will write each blog the following way.

First I will write the general info. When that is done, I will add two segments. The first will be for those who like the idea of the blog, but want or need to want to scale back the idea. The second will be for those who want to take feminizing to over the top and go as far as they can.

In this way, I feel I can best reach all levels of fem with feminization assignments!

Part one will begin tomorrow, and I will post a new part to the series every few days, just so you can be sure to try each step and have enough time to do so!

I am truly excited about this next part!! I will include an audio with each blog in this series. It will let you get a feel for how much I adore feminizing!!

Get ready!! It’s on its way!

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