Let's get you girly!

Hello there my favorite strokers and sluts! I have been having such a fun time this week coming up with new hot, sexy and fresh audios this week for the audio store. Have you visited there? You can go to the store and see all of the sexy audios there waiting for you. There are even ringtones! How exciting is that? I think it is great that you could have the voice of your favorite Mistress right on you cell! I am very excited to have my first audios up there. Look for them around Monday.

What else can I tell you? My schedule is back to normal! I am here during the week from 3-11pm Eastern. The weekends are best worked by appointment. Have you emailed me to make any appointments yet? Oh, make sure you do. That gives me something to look forward to, and gets me so hot with anticipation! Anytime, you can email me at: Delia@enchantrixempire.com because it is just that easy.

My blogs also have an improved schedule! Take a look.

www.begformistress.com – This will be updated Mondays & Saturdays (and Wednesdays there is a cross post between me & Ms. Holly on each others’ blogs, remember.)

www.analtrainingphonesex.com – This will be updated Thursdays

www.femfabulous.com – This will be updated Tuesdays

www.thepainmistress.com/blog – This will be updated Wednesdays

Also remember that www.theweeklyhotspot.com is a hot blog by me and Ms. Holly that is updated after each show. Go take a peek and download episodes of our sexy show!

Take a peek at Ms. Holly’s blog: www.sensualteasing.com every Wednesday. That’s when we cross post on each others’ blogs about things that got us hot, and even let you in on our hottest calls of the week.

There is one last thing! Do you want to know what goes on behind the scenes here at Enchantrix Empire? Well, do I have a fun tidbit for you. I am the Enchantrix Eavesdropper. I gather all of the secrets of the other Mistresses, and sometimes of our faithful followers! Do you want to know who has just been put into chastity by whom? Do you want to know who just became a new sissy or slave? Do you want the head’s up on new projects, audios, promotions and other hot info? Well then, stop by www.communitykink.com and tune into www.cockradio.com each Monday at 9pm Eastern. I have a super sexy radio show that will keep you in the know!

Keep a schedule of my blogs, and remember:

For a Sexy Phone Sex Session, with Ms. Delia, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card