Shopping for Lingerie

As part of the 2019 feminization plan, for this month our goal is to get you shopping for lingerie. Earlier in the month, you measured for lingerie and then looked online to get a sense of your sizes in different stores.

Going to a Store to Shop for Lingerie

I have asked for help with this answer. Why? I think it is important for you to read not just from a mistress who easily can go in and out of a lingerie store, but to also read from someone who had been there years ago. There is a special kind of wisdom that comes with the experience of doing. I asked kneelcc, my collared one, what worked for him early one. This is what he said:

My biggest worry, when I started, was a salesperson knowing what I was doing and calling me out. So I came up with a cover story in my head that I was buying for the wife. The interesting thing was that no one ever really asked. In all his years and trips, only had 1 older lady (70ish) say, “I bet you look really good in those,” when we were in the checkout line. I always found salespeople to be helpful.

The second worry I had was finding good lingerie and clothes that would not break the bank, so I could collect more things and have varied looks. I shopped bigger department stores for this. I got most lingerie at Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx and Ross’s Clearance Rack. My thought was always “How much do I want to spend for something I won’t wear outside the house?” I liked getting dresses on clearance that way.

The third concern I had was trying on in the store. That was too much for me, so I did not try things on in the store. I shopped good clearance things at outlet stores, and Walmart too. If something did not fit right, I never had to worry about returning things because they were not costly.

I think that is just the very best advice from someone who has been in your shoes. My advice is to enjoy shopping. No one will know it is for you in most circumstances. Walk through and see what catches the eye. Have fun dressing so you feel the most feminine.