Sissies Take Every Inch

You Want to Be A Full Sissy, Don’t You?

That question – you want to be a full sissy? – exists on a couple of levels. Of course, you want to be a complete sissy. Wearing panties and bras all the time, accepting you longer have a cock, but a sissy clit. Submitting yourself to the whims of Mistresses and Alpha males. But, you also want to be a full sissy full of cock! You KNOW sissies take every inch, because it is proper sissy behavior, and you need to know that!

victorias secret - CopyFill Your Throat With Cock

You are a smart sissy, aren’t you? When you suck cock, you use that hand to stroke it, the other hand to cup his balls. He think he’s getting a handy while he’s getting blown, but you know that hand lets you control the depth he’s plunging that pole into your mouth and throat. Well, if you want to be a full sissy, you’re going to have to take that hand away, and deep throat! Think of this as part of your guided feminization training! Why? Sissies take every inch! That’s it sissy, work those lips farther and farther down that shaft, get that mushroom head into your throat, rest your nose right in his pubes. Take every inch!

Fill That Sissy Pussy, Too!

Whether it’s your favorite suction cup dildo, my strap-on or a real, throbbing, thick cock, don’t slowly take it into your slut hole. Like toys it does not matter if you are feminized, a sissy or transgendered. The same rules apply. You MUST take every inch on the first thrust! Want to really feel full sissy? Get spit roasted. There’s nothing like having your throat and ass filled with dick, unless it’s also having your belly full of cum when they both orgasm at the same time!