Sissy Amanda and Outfit Coordination

I have a lovely connection with an amazing sissy named amanda. She is into fashion, stunning shoes, and the latest looks. We have the most wonderful conversations and even shop online. For Christmas, amanda received a coordinated sheer mini dress, bra and panty set, and garters, and we worked to help her make many outfits out of those key pieces.She is so perfectly feminized!

Coordinating Outfits

Daily Amanda sends me Pinterest links, or other links of sexy feminine items she and I can share and talk about. One day, since we had been talking about coordinating feminine outfits, and working with key pieces for different looks, she sent a link about blazers, and I am going to illustrate 3 looks with different blazers. All of my looks used the same satin black pants and teal top. Check out how the looks are all different!

DCP_4462 - CopyLook 1

This look is black on black with the only pop of color coming from the teal top.

Now this blazer is shaped to give sexy curves, so if you are wearing a waist cincher, this would tie nicely in the front, giving the sexy waist, and feminine curves.

It is a tasteful and stylish look to help you feel your most feminine.

DCP_4463 - CopyLook 2

This look pairs the same pants and top with a multicolor, floral inspired blazer.

This blazer is meant to be more boxy, so if you have anything you want to hide, this style is so very good for you.

Because of the pattern, this blazer becomes the focal point, and takes the eye away from any body imperfections.

You will feel sexy and confident in a blazer like this.

DCP_4465 - CopyLook 3

This look pairs basic black pants with two coordinating colors.

The teal top and purple blazer compete for attention, but this fashion trick takes the eye up to focus on your face, hair, and top.

It moves the eye away from the bottom layer.

Let people focus on your pretty breasts, and well made up face with this look!

Now Back to Sissy Amanda

Punk Push Up Set - CopyNow as far as amanda goes, she is coordinating for different reasons, to become a cocksucker, and true sissy fag in 2016.

She has this bra and panty set, so nicely coordinated, and with other pieces to change her look from demure and soft sissy to sissy slut!

You can check out coordinate panties and bras here. Let me know what you like, or would love to wear!

Maybe we can coordinate your next sexy outfit!