Feminization Mistress Delia

Are You Trying To Impress Me?

How To Impress Ms. Delias

If you’re a sissy, and you want to impress Ms. Delia, it won’t be enough to dress up like a pretty girl.  It won’t even be enough to to get down on your knees and suck on a big, hard cock.  No, if you really want to impress me and become one of my top sissies – you’re going to have to let that hard dick deep inside your bottom!

Two Worried Sissies

Two of my very favorite sissies are currently undergoing my special anal training program (Head over to Anal Training Phone Sex, and you can too!)  And they are both very worried about what this mean.  One of them wrote the following:

Hello Empress Delia,

I am slowly opening up to this but have reservations about being an anal slut. Perhaps it’s the idea that my manhood can never be recovered once I begin encouraging men to fuck my “sissy pussy”.

We have discussed this before and it may be normal to question this path and you have persuaded me to come this far but I also realize this may be a one way street to sissydom with no way back.

Of course this sissy needs anal training! After all she’s come this far and   think she owes it to her sissy self to learn about the pleasures of anal training 🙂

Sissy Snob

The other sissy – well, she’s a sissy snob.  I think she believes she’s too good to give up her ass pussy.  She even gets on cam with me, and cheats, only sliding a dildo between her ass cheeks when she swears she’s fucking her ass.  It’s only because she’s scared, and worried about it hurting.  The other day though, she did actually fuck her sissy hole for me on cam the other day, and I couldn’t have been prouder!

It is not just about getting fucked by men. Your sissy hole is a source of pleasure for you little sissy! I know that when you start your anal training, you will love the new feelings and how much they do excite your sissy clit! In a few weeks, you will be craving more than a butt plug!

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