Boots For Submissives

Ballet Boots

Ballet Boots courtesy of Aussieropeworks

Boots for sissies are a fun part of any feminization plans. I especially like ballet boots. When I was younger, I wanted to be a ballet dancer.  I had a whole selection of ballet shoes and pointe shoes.

I found ballet boots when I got involved in kink and enjoyed them.  Those aren’t the type of boots I wear now – much too uncomfortable.  However, I still have a very special pair, and I do still use them.  You see, I love lacing them on my sissies!

Sissy  Ballet Boots

They are so devious.  The poor sissy has their toes pushed down so they’re on pointe all the time.  And those skinny stiletto heels don’t give them much support or relief.  It also turns those masculine legs into something much more feminine and sexy!

The sissy is all dressed in a pink, frilly, lacy tutu, and teetering and tottering around on those ballet boots.  It keeps my laughing for the entire session, which only adds to their sissy humiliation!

Boot Blacking

I also expect sissy to take care of those boots – as well as all of mine – so they’d better be very accomplished at boot blacking.  Some of them want to use their jizz to shine those beautiful boots, but, while cum is good for lots of things, shoe polish isn’t one of them.  No, they need to learn how to keep that leather supple and sexy.  If they can do an excellent job at that, I may – after a few hours of teasing – let them cum as a reward.  But not on the boots!