Exciting Sissy Audio News

In the Audio Store, Ms. Cecilia and I have teamed up in a very Mistress-y way to bring you something VERY exciting! As of now, in the audio store, we have a brand new Trance style Sissy Bimbo Training Audio. And the best news about this is it is the first of a series. And here is where we WANT input from you, my femfabulous blog readers! What bimbo-brained topics are on your mind? How would you like to be controlled and conditioned? We would just love for you to leave comments on this blog or on our announcement in the getgirlie.com forum post. If you desperately want the audio, you can get it here at the audio store.

Sissy Audio Plans

Our goal is to get so many new sissies ready and willing to lay back and relax so that our words can soak into your sissy minds, and you become so deliciously controlled, programmed, and trained for us! It is time for you to become the soft sissy we want you to be. You need this!

How Can You Help Us

  1. Leave a comment here on this blog.
  2. Go to this GetGirlie forum post.
  3. Listen to this teaser, and click the player on this blog to hear even more info!
  4. Send an email to us: Delia@enchantrixempire.com and/or Cecilia@enchantrixempire.com

We want to make these audios exactly what you need and want them to be. We want to make your fantasies come true!