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Whether you crossdress privately wear panties instead of boxers to work, or have a makeup bag and closet that would rival my own, I adore feminizing you your way! Yes, sissies, crossdressers, gender fluid, and the occasional panty wearer are some of my favorite people to have hot phone sex play with.

Because you are all unique, it is always interesting for me to find feminine fun to write about. I recently did a series on makeup tips and posted a poll about makeup over at Enchantrix Empire. Know why? I really want to know what makes you feel feminine. What really makes you feel sexy; the way you want to feel when you put on those sexy panties or that full face of makeup

So here is my get girlie challenge and sissy incentive!

I am challenging you all to post what makes you feel submissive and sexy and feminine all at the same time. What does it for you? Is it shopping for a cami and panty set to wear for our next cam show? Would you rather learn how to REALLY walk well in those sexy heels you are afraid to try? Are you interested in chastity because it makes you feel so much more womanly?

Your job is to post here on this blog. As a reward for your willing submission, I will send you a five minute completely FREE audio made just for my readers. That’s right, a blog comment about what turns you on gets you five minutes of my sexy voice telling you all the fun things I love to talk about.

So get going! Get posting. Tell me the kind of fem fabulous reader you are! As a bonus, I promise to touch upon the things sexy and feminine fantasies you post in my future posts to this blog. Don’t you feel so lucky?