Sissy Jackie asked to be spotlighted on my blog for the cocksucking sissy she is. I just love when a sissy realizes her true self and sucks cock and eats cum! Enjoy reading about Sissy Jackie!

A Sissy Crossdresser Story

I have been crossdressing all of my life. I am also a submissive sissy male who has had sessions with a few Mistresses over the years. I have been sissified, have had canings, strap-on training, humiliation, teasing and denial etc.

I same across Mistress Delia and these things were right up Her alley. I had a couple of phone sessions the last of which I ate all of my cum for Her to view on Skype. I liked it and made a decision to continue it forever. Here is a little recap on my lessons and progress:

I ran across an audio clip by Mistress Delia which goes as follows and frequently repeated Her words below:

Hear Ms Delia’s Sissy Audios Here

These offer advice and a bit of sensual humiliation!

Are you a gurl or a boi
Are you a SISSY

Are you a sissy?

Are you a sissy?

I’m wearing panties.
Boys don’t wear panties.
Only girls wear panties.
So I must be a girl.

I’m wearing a bra.
Boys don’t wear bras.
Only girls wear bras.
So I must be a girl.

I am wearing nylons.
Boys don’t wear nylons.
Only girls wear nylons.
So I must be a girl.

I’m wearing lingerie.
Boys don’t wear lingerie.
Only girls wear lingerie.
So I must be a girl.

Sissy Dreams of Cum Eating

Within a short period of time I was wearing panties all the time and dressing in feminine clothing as often as possible and enjoying every minute of it. I would think of eating my cum and become aroused and likewise arouse myself a little just to think of eating my cum.

So for my cum eating and cocksucking urges I came up with the following that I would repeat often.

Some sissy girls eat their own cum.
No one else eats their own cum.
I always eat my own cum.

Mistress Delia and I discussed my cocksucking urge and also my wanting to concentrate on my teasing and denial. We are currently working on this and will carry through on it until I am a completely emasculated cocksucker. actually tried to have intercourse and am completely unable to maintain an erection when I attempt intercourse.

Never underestimate the power of a Woman.