It is time for Sissy Fitness!

Happy New Year, sissy!

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Each year, I love to help my sissies make sexy resolutions, and this year, after a year of hearing how so many sissies here want to look sexier, have a rounder butt, have toned abs for that belly button ring, and so much more, I have decided to do a post about fitness for sissies!

You will need two things, an exercise ball…make it pink like mine, and a pair of heels…trust me on this one! They really improve posture! The hot pink sexy outfit is optional, but I suggest something like it, and a mirror to prance and exercise in front of. So let’s give you your fitness routine. (These come from my stability ball class!)

PinkExerciseBall - Copy

Let Sissy Fitness mold and shape you! Heels will work your legs!

Sissy Fitness Squats

Stand with your legs spread. I am sure you know that position! Feet forward. Ball held out in front of you. Squat down, and stick that booty out. as you squat down, arms move that ball up and over your head. See, you sculpt sexy arms too! Repeat 3 sets of 20 times, or look up a squat challenge and find that.

Sissy Abs on the Ball

Sit on the exercise ball, and walk your sexy feet out in front of you until you can lay with your back on the ball. From there, do crunches. Do a set of 20, then a set of 20 obliques. Repeat this double set 3 times for a total of 6 full sets. This will let you feel the burn and will shape you better than any corset training ever could!

Sissy Back Stretch

Lay with your chest on the ball. Secure your feet on the floor behind you. You may need to remove the heels. Lay over the ball with head down. Put your hands behind your head like you will do a crunch, but instead, lift your torso so it is in a straight line with your body, then go gently back down. This is a slow, controlled move. Do 20 of those, and 3 sets ideally. This will strengthen your back and get you ready for breast forms or real breasts, and will provide better posture for heels!

Let’s have a femfabulous year of sissy fitness! I want before pics to compare to ones we do at the end of the year.